Social Science Students Visit the National Water and Sewerage Corporation in Lubigi

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Social Science Students Visit the National Water and Sewerage Corporation in Lubigi

At Primacy Academy, we believe in providing our students with real-world experiences that complement their classroom learning. Recently, our social work students, led by Instructor Dr. Matovu Kirwisa, had the opportunity to embark on a field study tour to the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) in Lubigi. This visit was organized to give students a glimpse into the professional world they will be entering after graduation.

Students Arrive At Lubigi Site

Upon arrival, the students were welcomed by Mrs. Mbabazi the Human Resource NWSC Lubigi Plant. He gave an insightful briefing on the various aspects of the organization and what the students could expect in their future careers. Mrs. Mbabazi highlighted several key points:

  1. Roles and Regulations: He discussed the rules and regulations that govern the workplace, ensuring a safe and productive environment for all employees.
  2. Appraisals and Welfare: Mrs. Mbabazi elaborated on the appraisal system used to evaluate worker performance and the welfare programs in place to support employees. This includes providing personal protective equipment (PPE), such as special masks for handling pico sludge.
  3. Conflict Resolution: The HR manager emphasized the importance of conflict resolution among workers, detailing the strategies used to maintain harmony within the organization.
  4. Health and Safety: NWSC provides its workers with 5 liters of milk daily to detoxify their bodies from harmful gases. Additionally, the organization conducts refresher courses and physical training sessions every Thursday to ensure employees remain fit and updated on best practices.
Engineer Sakaya Ronald talking to the Students

The students also had the chance to meet with Engineer Sakaya Ronald of the Central Sewerage System. They learned about the entire water treatment process, from the initial pumping to the final distribution. Key highlights included:

  • Understanding how water is pumped and treated to remove impurities.
  • Observing truck sewerage vehicles transporting waste to designated dumping sites.
  • Learning about the treatment process, where sewage is rendered 80% non-infectious within a month before being safely released into the community as water.
  • Discovering the use of sewerage beds, where waste is treated for six months and then sold to the community as manure. A Sino truckload of this manure is priced at 480,000 UGX.

The purpose of this visit was not only to educate students about the intricacies of water and sewerage management but also to encourage them to explore non-traditional career paths within social work. By understanding the critical role that organizations like NWSC play in public health and community welfare, our students are better prepared to make a meaningful impact in their future careers.

At Primacy Academy, we are committed to providing our students with diverse learning opportunities that prepare them for the challenges of the professional world. This field study tour was just one of the many ways we strive to enrich their educational experience.

Stay tuned for more updates on our students’ exciting learning journeys!

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