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Learn SQL, The first step to Microsoft SQL you need to learn to succeed in SQL database application development, it is easy to learn and understand our online Microsoft SQL Training course is designed for you with the complete steps to require to learn real-world dynamic Database.

Create a Good and Strong base foundation in Microsoft SQL, With the Complete Microsoft SQL Server Course.

SQL DataTypes

SQL Queries

SQL statements

SQL Built-in Functions

SQL Programming

SQL reading data rows

SQL updating data rows

How to use SSMS for Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Commands, Clauses, and Operators

Database import and export using GUI tool

A Strong Skillset at Your Hands-on Query

Learn to develop an Microsoft SQL database using SQL language. This course assumes no prior SQL programming knowledge( basics will help you), just a desire to learn to develop your own DATABASE structure for your application as well.

In this course, we cover from scratch to create your own database like all software application supports with basic instructions, you also learn query functionalities interacting with the database.

Content and Summary Who wants to start with beginning in MS-SQL database Development, through this course of 55+ lectures and hours of content, you’ll learn all of the Microsoft SQL Skills and establish a strong understanding of the concept behind Microsoft SQL Database instance implementation. Every Section closes with a challenge, putting your new learned skills into practical use immediately and Most of the Lectures are having Assignments to test your knowledge.

Starting with an introduction, how to use Microsoft SQL Server SSMS, controls, basics, and settings, etc.

Learning with these Microsoft SQL skills, you will be eager to learn other database SQL development very quickly that lead you to become a successful database SQL professional.

If you really want to learn Microsoft SQL, This Complete Microsoft SQL full-stack Course is for you to develop your skills more than others and you will become strong on Microsoft SQL Database SQL professional.

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Who this course is for:

  • Anybody who wants to learn Microsoft SQL
  • Anybody who wants to better understand how databases work
  • Anybody who wants to enhance their Data Science career
  • People who want to become a professional on SQL


  • learn to use MS SQL professional way, learn new SQL!
  • know how to prepare data structures
  • create basic SQL queries
  • create left, right, inner and full outer joins
  • know how to simplify reports like spreadsheets! with huge data sets
  • you will learn secure user logins
  • learn how to protect your data by doing backup and restore methods!
  • learn about SSMS GUI tool for Microsoft SQL server
  • Create advanced SQL Queries
  • Create new tables, alter existing tables in Databases
  • Understand database design
  • you will learn RDBMS and its relations


  • A basic knowledge of computers
  • No prior technical experience is required! All you need a computer with internet access!
  1. Course Introduction
  2. MS SQL Environment Setup
  3. SQL Statement Basics
  4. Filtering Data Rows
  5. SQL Operators
  6. GROUP BY Statements
  7. Assessment Test
  8. JOINS
  9. Advanced SQL Commands
  10. Creating Database and Tables
  11. Primary Key and Foreign Key
  12. SQL CRUD Operations
  13. MS SQL Constraints
  14. Backup and Restore Functions

SQL Server:

  • Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) developed by Microsoft.
  • It provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing and querying databases.
  • SQL Server supports high availability and disaster recovery solutions.
  • It offers advanced security features to protect data and control access.
  • SQL Server integrates with other Microsoft products and technologies, such as Azure and Power BI.
  • It supports scalability and performance optimization through features like indexing and query optimization.
  • SQL Server offers robust business intelligence capabilities for data analysis and reporting.
  • It provides support for both structured and unstructured data types.
  • SQL Server has a strong developer ecosystem with a wide range of programming languages and frameworks.
  • It offers cloud-based deployment options through Microsoft Azure.

About this Course

  • Duration 4 Weeks
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Level Beginner
  • Price UGX 400,000 300,000

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