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French Level 2 is an intermediate course aimed at building upon the foundation established in French Level 1. Participants will further develop their language skills in French, focusing on expanding vocabulary, mastering more complex grammar structures, and engaging in more advanced communication activities. The course is designed to enhance proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, preparing learners for more nuanced and in-depth interactions in French.

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for learners who have completed French Level 1 or possess equivalent proficiency in the language. It is ideal for individuals who want to progress beyond basic conversation and acquire intermediate-level skills for practical use or further study.


  • Expand vocabulary to include a wider range of topics and expressions for more diverse communication.
  • Master more complex grammar structures, including additional verb tenses, pronouns, and sentence constructions.
  • Enhance conversational fluency and accuracy through interactive speaking activities and discussions on various topics.
  • Improve reading comprehension skills to understand more nuanced texts and extract detailed information.
  • Strengthen writing skills for different purposes, including formal communication, narratives, and descriptions.


  • Completion of French Level 1 course or equivalent proficiency.
  • Basic understanding of French vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure.
  • Readiness to actively participate in more challenging language learning activities and practice.

Expanded Vocabulary

  • Vocabulary topics covering areas such as travel, leisure activities, food and drink, and daily routines
  • Idioms, expressions, and colloquialisms for more natural and nuanced communication

Intermediate Grammar Concepts

  • Past and future verb tenses, including passé composé, imparfait, futur proche, and futur simple
  • Pronouns, including direct and indirect object pronouns, relative pronouns, and demonstrative pronouns
  • Complex sentence structures, including subordinate clauses and conditional sentences

Expressing Opinions and Describing Experiences

  • Engaging in discussions on various topics, expressing opinions, and debating viewpoints
  • Describing personal experiences, events, and hypothetical situations using descriptive language

Reading and Analysis of Authentic Texts

  • Reading authentic texts, such as short stories, newspaper articles, and opinion pieces, in French
  • Developing strategies for understanding main ideas, inference, and critical analysis of texts
  • Expanding vocabulary and cultural understanding through reading comprehension exercises

Writing Proficiency and Expression

  • Writing tasks involving formal communication, persuasive essays, and personal reflections in French
  • Crafting coherent arguments, expressing opinions, and supporting claims with evidence
  • Revision and editing exercises to refine writing skills and enhance clarity and coherence

Cultural Exploration

  • Exploration of French culture, literature, and society through authentic materials
  • Discussion of cultural topics and current events to deepen cultural understanding and awareness

Oral Presentations and Debates

  • Preparation and delivery of oral presentations on selected topics in French
  • Engaging in debates and discussions on controversial issues, presenting arguments and counterarguments

Language Proficiency Assessment

  • Regular assessments to evaluate language proficiency and track progress
  • Feedback and guidance from instructors to support continuous improvement and development in French language skills.
  • Comprehensive vocabulary expansion and grammar consolidation to facilitate more advanced communication in French.
  • Engaging activities and discussions designed to enhance conversational fluency, accuracy, and cultural understanding.
  • Practical writing tasks focusing on persuasive writing, personal reflections, and formal communication in French.
  • Cultural exploration activities aimed at deepening understanding of French culture, literature, and societal norms.
  • Assessment and progress tracking mechanisms ensure learners remain focused and motivated on their language learning journey, with feedback provided to support continuous improvement.

About this Course

  • Duration 4 Weeks
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Level Beginner
  • Price UGX 400,000 350,000

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