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Today we hear about many IT fields which are growing very fast and are the future of our world, Big Data, IoT, Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, and many others,…

All these technologies could not exist or evolve without the presence of Cloud Computing.

We enter the new era of technology where cloud computing will play an important role.

In this course we will start by defining Cloud Computing and its history.

Then we will see the different cloud service models: Iaas, Paas and Saas.

After that we will describe the cloud computing deployment models: Public cloud, Private cloud and hybrid cloud.

Then we will discover the best practices to benefit from Cloud Computing Services.

And we cannot speak about cloud computing without speaking about the challenges you will face if you want to move your infrastructure to cloud.

We will focus on the security of cloud computing and the challenges around it as the security nowadays is very critical aspect and we will see some cybersecurity attacks.

Another important point is what are the strategies to follow to enhance the security of your cloud computing environment.

This course will give you general information about cloud computing without discussing a specific cloud solution like AWS or Azure, but at the same time we will have an idea about the most popular cloud computing solutions and providers.

And we will see how to choose between the various cloud solutions for our business.

And I prepared for you a bonus section in which you will learn how to install your cloud environment at your home in a few steps and in few minutes.


  • During this course you will gain an introduction to the cloud computing world.
  • You will be able to define the cloud computing and all the aspects linked to it.
  • You will know the big players in the cloud computing field and their different services provided by their cloud computing solutions.
  • You will discover the most important Challenges when moving to Cloud Computing
  • You will gain best practices to secure your cloud computing environment
  • You will know how to buil your cloud environment at home
  1. Intro to cloud computing
  2. Cloud Service Models
  3. Cloud Computing Deployment Models
  4. Best Practices to benefit from Cloud Computing Services
  5. Cloud Computing Challenges
  6. Cloud Computing Security Issues
  7. Cloud Computing Security Strategies
  8. Commercial VS OpenSource Cloud Solutions
  9. Build Your Own Private Cloud at Home
  • Cloud computing is a model for delivering on-demand computing resources over the internet.
  • It provides scalable and flexible access to virtualized computing resources, such as servers, storage, databases, and software applications.
  • The key characteristics of cloud computing include on-demand self-service, broad network access, resource pooling, rapid elasticity, and measured service.
  • Cloud computing offers various deployment models, including public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud.
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) are the main service models in cloud computing.
  • Benefits of cloud computing include cost savings, scalability, reliability, flexibility, and global accessibility.
  • Security, data privacy, and compliance are important considerations when adopting cloud computing.
  • Cloud computing enables businesses to focus on their core competencies while outsourcing IT infrastructure management and maintenance.
  • Cloud computing has revolutionized the way organizations store, process, and analyze data, and it has become an integral part of modern technology ecosystems.
  • Emerging trends in cloud computing include serverless computing, edge computing, and the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

About this Course

  • Duration 4 Weeks
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Level Beginner
  • Price UGX 600,000 500,000

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