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The 2D Animation course is designed for kids to explore the art of animation using digital tools. This course will introduce students to the principles of 2D animation, from basic drawing techniques to creating fully animated scenes. Students will learn how to bring their drawings to life, develop storytelling skills, and understand the fundamentals of movement and timing in animation.

Who Can Take This Course?

  • Kids aged 8-12 who have an interest in drawing and animation.
  • Beginners with no prior experience in animation.
  • Young artists looking to learn how to create animated stories and characters.


  • Basic computer skills.
  • An interest in drawing and storytelling.


  • No prior coding experience is required
  • Students need to download and install Unity
  • Introduction to 2D Animation
    • Understanding what animation is.
    • Overview of the animation process.
    • Introduction to animation software (e.g., Adobe Animate, Toon Boom).
  • Basic Drawing Techniques
    • Drawing simple shapes and characters.
    • Understanding proportions and anatomy basics for characters.
    • Digital drawing tools and techniques.
  • Principles of Animation
    • The 12 principles of animation (e.g., squash and stretch, anticipation, timing).
    • Applying these principles to simple animations.
  • Creating Animated Characters
    • Designing original characters.
    • Animating basic movements like walking and jumping.
  • Storyboarding and Planning
    • Introduction to storyboarding.
    • Planning scenes and sequences.
    • Creating a simple storyboard for an animation project.
  • Bringing Scenes to Life
    • Animating scenes from storyboards.
    • Adding backgrounds and environments.
    • Understanding camera angles and perspectives.
  • Sound and Music in Animation
    • Adding sound effects and music to animations.
    • Synchronizing audio with animation.
    • Voice acting basics.
  • Final Project and Showcase
    • Developing a short animated film or scene.
    • Final touches and polishing the animation.
    • Presenting the final project to classmates and parents.
  • Creative Expression: Encourages kids to express their creativity through character design and storytelling.
  • Foundational Skills: Provides a solid foundation in the principles of animation and digital drawing.
  • Hands-On Learning: Emphasizes practical, hands-on experience with animation software.
  • Project-Based: Students work on individual projects, culminating in a final animation that showcases their skills.
  • Storytelling: Develops storytelling skills through storyboarding and scene planning.
  • Showcase Event: A final showcase where students present their animated projects, celebrating their creativity and hard work.

About this Course

  • Duration 4 Weeks of the holiday.
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Level Beginner
  • Price 450,000 300,000
  • Age 8 – 16 years

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