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The social media and the marketing over the social media have gained a lot of momentum in the recent times. And hence most the companies are now looking to promote their business on the social media and are gaining a lot by this means of marketing. And hence the training of the professional’s specific social media marketing is of equal importance. There are various courses available for the professionals to learn social media marketing. The main aim of such programs is to make the trainees aware of the various social media platforms available for various kinds of promotions of the company and its products offered and also make them understand the best way to utilize these platforms and reap the maximum benefits out of such promotions.

Social Media Marketing Training

The whole training program of social media marketing is divided into various sections.

  • The basics: in this the basic about marketing and the social media marketing will be taught. This section of the course will let you know about the various objectives and metrics of marketing in general and social media marketing in specific.
  • The various types of SMM networks: this section of the course will introduce you to the various types of social platforms available in order to be able to carry out the marketing function of the company. This will also teach the various advantages and disadvantages of the various platforms and help you choose the best platform for the company.
  • The social media marketing plan- case study: in this the social media marketing concept will be taught through a case study as this will help the trainees in understanding the marketing concept in the much more real situation and give them exposure as to how to handle such marketing strategies.
  • Tips to improve the social account: under this various tips and pointers will be provided to the trainees which will not only help the trainees in improving their already existing social account but will also help in creating a new account that will help them reap the maximum benefits of such marketing strategies.
  • Social media platforms for small business: this section will let you know of the various social media platforms that are available and suitable for the small scale businesses and help them in making the suitable marketing strategies so that they are able to cover the maximum customer base.
  • Maximization of social media marketing: this will help the trainees in understanding the process of maximization of the social marketing and also how to use the content available  online or what kind of new content is to be developed for the business.


  • The first and the foremost requirement for any person to excel in the field of social media marketing are to have a personal computer with internet access. Any person who wishes to enter the business of social media marketing must have the internet access so as to be able enter the social media and develop good marketing strategies for the same. Without the internet access, the social media cannot be accessed and hence the social media marketing cannot be performed.
  • A good knowledge of what the customer wants and how to deliver it to them. The trainees should have a customer centric attitude i.e., they should be able to focus their attention on the customer and their needs and wants. So that they are able to establish a marketing strategy that is the best for the customer and is able to deliver the best results to the customer as well as the company that they are establishing the strategy for.
  • The person should also be able to understand the social media and the marketing done by the social media. They should possess a thorough knowledge of the processes undertaken for the social media marketing and should be able to develop their own strategy on these lines itself. This is important so that the strategy formed by the trainees is on the line that is best suited for the company as well as the customer.
  1. Introduction
  2. Introduction to CRM
  3. Strategy Audit
  4. Buzzwords Objectives & Metrics
  5. Social Media Channels
  6. SMM Networks
  7. Social media marketing plan
  8. Social Media Marketing Plan-Case Study
  9. Create or improve your social accounts
  10. Tips – Create or improve your social accounts
  11. Social Media Plan Ideas
  12. Agile Social Media Marketing
  13. Social Media Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses-Platforms
  14. Social Media Policy -Building Blocks
  15. Social Media Policy-Brand Examples
  16. Interesting Social Media Platforms
  17. Increase productivity-Useful Browser Extentions
  18. Types Of Content
  19. Content Marketing Tools
  • Understanding the power of social media platforms.
  • Developing effective social media strategies.
  • Creating compelling and engaging content for different platforms.
  • Identifying target audiences and building buyer personas.
  • Utilizing social media analytics and tracking tools.
  • Implementing paid advertising and boosting strategies.
  • Building and managing social media communities.
  • Implementing effective influencer marketing campaigns.
  • Harnessing the potential of video and visual content.
  • Managing crisis situations and handling negative feedback.
  • Staying updated with the latest social media trends and algorithms.
  • Measuring and analyzing the effectiveness of social media campaigns.
  • Incorporating social media into a comprehensive marketing strategy.
  • Leveraging social media for brand awareness and lead generation.
  • Understanding the legal and ethical aspects of social media marketing.

About this Course

  • Duration 4 Weeks
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Level Beginner
  • Price UGX 350,000 300,000

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