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SAP ERP Materials Management (MM) – Procure To Pay (P2P) Business Process skill has become a necessity in the career space for those who want to remain relevant and outstanding in areas like supply chain, Procurement, Purchasing, and even inventory management. This course is also designed for those beginners who want to learn SAP ERP from scratch.

Material is the engine of the supply chain and functional logistics, so in this course, with the aid of the SAP ERP System, I demonstrate the effective and efficient management of the organization’s materials to ensure the appropriate availability of the materials at the right cost and quality.

We provide affordable SAP ERP Software Access to our participants for an effective hands-on experience using the SAP ERP system.

This course will take you from scratch (even though you are just getting to know about SAP ERP) to the Global Best Practices on External Procurement Business Processes for Stock Items and Consumable Items.

The scope of this course is for SAP ERP New Users up to End Users. It covers the Introduction, SAP ERP Navigation, Purchasing Processes for Stock Items and Consumable Items, Inventory Management and Purchase Order Based Invoice Verification, and Goods Receipt Based Invoice Verification for partial delivery scenarios.

In this course, you also come to understand the Enterprise Structure and Organizational Levels for Procurement in the SAP ERP system (Client, Company Code, Purchasing Organization, and more). You will understand Material Types and the control functionality on the procurement business process, Material Groups etc.

This course covers

  • SAP New User Training
    1. Introduction
    2. SAP ERP Navigation for new users
  • Overview of Procure–To–Pay Business Process (External Procurement Process)
  • Determination of Requirements using Purchase Requisition (Stock Items)
  • Purchase Order for (Stock Items)
  • Determination of Sources of Supply using RFQ
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Requisition for Consumable Items (Including PR Approval Process)
  • Purchase Order for (Stock Items)
  • Goods Receipt (Planned & Unplanned Scenarios)
  • Transfer Posting from Quality Inspection to Unrestricted Use Stock Type.
  • Transfer Posting from Quality Inspection to Blocked Stock Type.
  • Process Return Delivery to Vendor
  • Goods Issue to Cost Center
  • Purchase Order-Based Invoice Verification
  • Goods Receipt Based Invoice verification
  • Purchase Order Monitoring and Closing of Open Purchase Order
  • Releasing Block Invoices.

Note that this course is a certificate course therefore a certificate will be issued at the end of the training.

Who this Course Is For:

  • Supply chain Practitioners and those interested in Supply chain
  • Purchasing & Procurement Practitioners and all those interested in Purchasing & Procurement
  • Inventory Management Practitioners and all those interested in Inventory Management
  • Beginners who are trying to get a job in the field of Supply chain, Purchasing, or Procurement and Inventory Management
  • Beginners who want to learn SAP ERP Materials Management
  • SAP ERP End Users who want to learn the End-to-end the Procurement Process


  • Gain Free Access to the SAP ERP System for effective practice
  • Introduction to SAP ERP and Understanding the System-wide Concept
  • Practically learn how to Navigate the SAP ERP System
  • Understanding the Procure-To-Pay Business Process Best Practice and the Enterprise Structure
  • Best Practise on how to Purchase stock material items using Purchase Requisition (PR), RFQ, and Purchase Orders (PO).
  • 3 Scenarios of Consumable Material items with real-life examples and how to Purchase consumable material items using Purchase Requisition and Purchase Order
  • How to Approve/Release PR, PO, and how to release blocked Invoices
  • How to receive materials items from vendors and post Goods Receipt, Transfer Posting, Vendor Return, and Goods Issue
  • How to handle Purchasing Based Invoice Verification (3 Way Match) and Goods Receipt Based Invoice Verification (2 Way Match).
  • How to clear On-Order from the PO/ How to Close Open Items in a PO
  • How to Close Open Items in a PO
  • How to generate SAP ERP Standard Business Reports and export reports to Microsoft Excel


  • Basic Understanding of Purchasing Process
  1. SAP ERP New User Training
  2. SAP ERP Procurement (Procure-To-Pay) Business process Overview
  3. SAP ERP Purchasing Process Using Purchase Requisition & Order (Stock Items)
  4. SAP ERP Determination Of Source Of Supply Using Rquest For Quotation
  5. How to Process Consumable Items in SAP ERP Using PR & PO
  6. SAP ERP Inventory Management
  7. SAP ERP Logistics Invoice Verification
  • Overview of SAP ERP Procurement: Introduction to SAP ERP and its procurement module.
    Understanding the role of procurement in the overall business processes.
    Exploring the features and functionalities of SAP ERP Procurement.
  • Procurement Processes:
    Master data management for procurement.
    Creation and processing of purchase requisitions.
    Purchase order management and processing.
    Goods receipt and invoice verification.
    Vendor evaluation and performance monitoring.
  • Procurement Organization Structure: Configuring organizational units in SAP ERP Procurement.
    Defining purchasing groups, plants, and storage locations.
    Setting up release strategies and approval workflows.
    Creating vendor master data and maintaining vendor relationships.
  • Material Management: Inventory management and stock control.
    Material valuation and price determination.
    Managing material requirements planning (MRP) and forecasting.
    Inventory optimization and demand planning.
  • Contract Management: Creating and managing contracts in SAP ERP Procurement.
    Implementing different types of contracts (e.g., quantity contracts, value contracts).
    Monitoring and tracking contract utilization and performance.
  • Supplier Relationship Management: Supplier selection and qualification.
    Supplier collaboration and communication.
    Supplier evaluation and rating.
    Managing supplier contracts and agreements.
  • Reporting and Analytics:
    Extracting data and generating procurement reports.
    Analyzing procurement trends and performance indicators.
    Utilizing SAP ERP reporting tools for data analysis.
    Creating custom reports and dashboards.
  • Integration with Other SAP Modules: Integration of SAP ERP Procurement with finance and accounting.
    Integration with inventory management and production planning.
    Interfacing with other modules like sales and distribution.
    Collaboration with other business units through SAP ERP integration.
  • Best Practices and Optimization: Implementing best practices in SAP ERP Procurement.
    Optimizing procurement processes for efficiency and cost savings.
    Streamlining procurement workflows and approval processes.
    Identifying and resolving common challenges and issues.

About this Course

  • Duration 4 Weeks
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Level Beginner
  • Price UGX 450,000 300,000

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